We provide reliable, secure, instant e-currency exchange and cashout services at 1% to 2%  fee for all exchanges. All* requests are processed within 15-30 minutes. Please fill and submit the request form, we will respond in minutes with details. The following exchange, convert, transfer, withdrawal/cashout services are available 24/7/365:

– Bitcoin/BTC to Perfect Money
– Perfect Money to Bitcoin / BTC
– Bitcoin/BTC to WU / MoneyGram
– Perfect Money to WU / MoneyGram
– Bitcoin to PayPal
– Perfect Money to PayPal
– Bitcoin/BTC to WebMoney
– WebMoney to Bitcoin / BTC
– Perfect Money to WebMoney
– WebMoney to Perfect Money
– WebMoney to PayPal
– WebMoney to WU/MoneyGram
– PayPal to Bitcoin
– PayPal to Perfect Money
– PayPal to WebMoney
– WU/MoneyGram to PayPal
– WU/MoneyGram to Bitcoin
– WU/MoneyGram to WebMoney
– WU/MoneyGram to Perfect Money

* Western Union and MoneyGram transfers may take up to 2 hours.

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    1. Admin Post author

      Thank you for your interest in out services, please fill and submit the form on website and we will provide you further details.

  1. Sumardi

    Well!… this is really frustrating its been more than 15 minutes since I paid but I have not received paypal yet??? this is my first time here and very disappointed!

    1. Admin Post author

      We apologize for the inconvenience, it was due to the shortage of PayPal as we received more orders than usual. We have just processed your order, kindly check your PayPal account and revert. Thank you


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