Perfect Money to Naira and Bitcoin to Naira in Nigeria, withdraw, convert, exchange

Exchange Perfect Money to Naira

You can convert/withdraw/exchange Perfect Money or Bitcoins funds securely and instantly to your Naira account in Nigeria.

How to exchange Bitcoin or Perfect Money to Naira?

  • Go to the main page, in "Send" section choose Perfect Money or Bitcoin and in the "Receive" section choose "Bank Transfer". Enter the amonunt in USD, the system will automatically calculate the amount you will receive in your local bank in Nigeria which will be then converted into Naira from USD according to the current exchange rates.

  • If you wish to proceed, click the "Exchange" button located below the form.

  • On the next page provide your account details where you can receive the amount in Naira

  • Click "Process Exchange", you shall be redirected to Perfect Money website where you can make payment.

  • Once the transaction is completed, your order will be processed and you will receive the funds account converted into Naira.

  • Click Here to start converting

    How long does it take?

      Perfect Money to Naira processing can take up-to 1 Hour.